Following the Freedom Trail
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Sites Southwest
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  1. Levanna Square
    Between Route 90 and Cayuga Lake, north of Aurora, Town of Ledyard

  2. Hart House
    237 Main Street, Aurora

  3. North Street Meetinghouse, 1834
    Sherwood-Aurora Road c. Brick Church Road, Town of Ledyard

  4. Slocum and Hannah Howland House
    Sherwood-Aurora Road, Hamlet of Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  5. Howland Stone Store (1837)
    Corner Route 34B and Sherwood-Aurora Road, Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  6. Howland Tenant Houses
    2933 Route 34B and 1801 Sherwood Road, Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  7. Opendore (1837, 1888, 1910)
    2978 Route 34B, Sherwood, New York, Town of Scipio

  8. Herman and Hannah Phillips House, (1854-55)
    3000 Route 34B, Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  9. Letchworth Home
    2942 Route 34B, Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  10. Emily Howland House
    2934 Route 34B, Sherwood, Town of Scipio

  11. Sherwood Cemetery
    West side of Route 34B, north of Sherwood

  12. Benjamin and Mary Howland House (1797-98)
    Cornell Agricultural Station, Poplar Ridge Road, Town of Ledyard

  13. Hutchinson House
    Route 34B, Northville, Town of Genoa

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